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About me

Spokesperson for Youth Engagement and Opportunities

Vice-Convener of the Civic Licensing Committee / Angus Licensing Board

I stood to be a Councillor because I care deeply about this area. I grew up here, have spent my life here, and want to assist the positive development of our communities. The previous administration were mired in scandal and incompetence - and they did not do the hard work to put Angus on the right track. I put myself forward to bring energy and new ideas to the task of building for the future.

That future is what I am squarely focused on; tackling climate change, delivering better education for the next generation, and striving for Scottish independence. You can see my record, including spoken contributions in the Chamber, via this button.

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Cllr Lloyd Melville and Cllr Beth Whiteside after winning in 2022

I was born in January 2001 in Perth, and have lived in Monifieth and Sidlaw since I was a baby, attending Murroes Primary School and Monifieth High School. I am so honoured to represent the communities I grew up in, and which are so dear to me. I am working hard every day to repay the trust placed in me by voters.


I've been one of the Councillors for Monifieth and Sidlaw since May 2022. I was proud to have fought a positive, energetic campaign, and to have been elected alongside my colleague, Councillor Beth Whiteside. Our vote increased by 4.6%, with an 8.6% swing from the Tories to the SNP, on a higher turnout than the 2017 election.

It is my long-held view that power should be exercised at as local a level as is possible. The current Westminster system does not work for Scotland, as it results in governments we don't elect imposing damaging policies like Brexit, welfare cuts, and rolling back on devolution. We must be independent, to bring powers home and use them to transform lives and communities for the better.

I am also a firm believer in social democracy. The track record of the SNP Government on universal benefits has made a real difference to families across Scotland. Without free tuition, for example, I could not have gone to university. I believe we must ensure everyone has the same access to excellent public services.

My work is carried out both in Monifieth and Sidlaw, and in the Council Chamber in Forfar. I am based in Monifieth, however I am regularly travelling around the ward in order to help resolve problems that my constituents are facing and to dispense advice.


In Forfar, I work alongside my SNP colleagues, and our independent friends, to deliver stable, progressive leadership on Angus Council. That means using the Budget of Angus Council to protect the most vulnerable, invest in tackling climate change, and deliver on the priorities of our communities. I serve as the Spokesperson for Youth Engagement and Opportunities, and Vice-Convener of the Civic Licensing Committee, and Angus Licensing Board.

Prior to being elected, I worked in several industries, including hospitality, theatre, fast food, and was a Customer Services Manager for a major business. I also worked for our local Member of the Scottish Parliament, Graeme Dey MSP, and currently work part-time in the office of Dave Doogan MP.

Outside of the Council, I'm the Convener of Angus South SNP Constituency Association. I campaign for the SNP and independence regularly, across Monifieth and Sidlaw and beyond.


In leisure time, I like getting out and about walking in the ward, going to the gym, taking in our fantastic local offer of restaurants, and spending time with my family and friends.

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