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Speech: Angus Heatwell Scheme Second Round

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Thank you, Provost.

This proposition is symbolic, I think, of this Administration’s willingness to reflect in changing circumstances, and to be agile in advancing the interests of the people of Angus.

The first round of the Heatwell Scheme provided lifeline support to people across our county, grappling with the skyrocketing cost of energy.

Nearly 1,600 households, and over 1,400 children benefited from support.

That is a shining example of what we can do together, with the powers we have, and the values we share.

Let me turn now to the substance of the report.

Clearly there was an overestimate in the numbers of people who were likely to participate in the free bus travel pilot.

And in the light of the information gathered, it is therefore right to re-prioritise some of that funding.

We do so in the knowledge that it will be of critical importance to struggling families.

A new round of the Heatwell scheme, backed by £216,000, will benefit 814 Angus households.

More money to support people with energy bills means fewer families freezing at home, and fewer children going to bed hungry.

As I drove to this meeting today, I passed people on Monifieth High Street waiting in the rain to take up the offer of free food.

This cost-of-living crisis is taking affecting every generation and every community, and we have a duty to do all we can.

We won’t solve it today.

We won’t solve it in the next one hundred, or one thousand days.

But we can, as before, use our powers and our values to make things just a bit easier for some of the poorest households.

I encourage every member of this Council to back us in that effort.


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