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Speech: Budget 2023/24

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

I do want to push back on comments from Cllr Greig that Monifieth and Sidlaw is being "short-changed" by this Administration.

We are investing tens of millions of pounds to deliver the new Monifieth Learning Campus – the largest ever investment in our Ward, and I’m proud of it.

And I have to say to the Leader of the Opposition that to come to this Chamber and accuse this Administration of dishing out “thin gruel” while they are proposing cutting £170,000 from the Rights Team is utterly shameful.

And the rest of the Opposition Budget is no better.

If they had their way, the Opposition would:

Remove our £1 million of extra investment in roads.

Scrap our £200,000 investment in Holiday Food and Fun this year.

Cancel our £1 million Angus Net Zero Fund.

Stop us expanding the Welfare Rights team.

And block our £275,000 of extra support for hard-pressed families.

Unlike the Opposition, we will not abandon those most in need to the storm facing them.

These benches take our responsibilities seriously, and we will use every power we have at our disposal to discharge them.

Just under a year ago, the people of Angus emphatically endorsed our vision for Administration.

The decisions in this Budget are difficult, and we have been upfront about that, but our guiding principles are clear.

Supporting the most vulnerable, investing for the future, and tackling climate change.

We have the chance today, to choose a better path forward for Angus.

And with this Administration’s Budget, we will.


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